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BIOS Community
BIOS Community
Watershed Informatics
Watershed Informatics


Cambridge, MA, USA

Watershed Informatics is the first end-to-end bio-IT managed service provider. Our Cloud Data Lab enables life sciences organizations of any size to perform mission-critical bioinformatics analyses (such as bulk, single-cell, and spatial transcriptomics; ATAC-Seq; proteomics, etc.) at an order of magnitude less cost and complexity than existing solutions. The Cloud Data Lab provides reliable, secure, scalable, and accessible storage, computation, and analysis tools specifically optimized for catalyzing the life sciences development pipeline. Our approach enables biologists to analyze their own -omics data and bioinformaticians to rapidly prototype and deploy bespoke analytic workflows across an organization. Our clients, including Revitope Oncology, SQZ Biotech, and Rarebase rave about our platform, and we'd love the opportunity to enable your organization's analyses as well.

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