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Scientist - Cytometry

Salt Lake City, UT, USA
Posted on Thursday, November 11, 2021
Salt Lake City
Posted 1 year ago

Job Summary

We started Teiko Bio to use immune insights to help deliver life changing therapies to those who need them most.  Today, Teiko delivers on its mission by supporting therapy development and informing clinical decision making.  By using cutting edge mass cytometry, Teiko’s leading test, the TokuProfile, helps drugs companies find how their drugs are affecting the immune system.

About you:

  • Familiar with single cell and high-parameter flow cytometry assays
  • Motivated to help breakthrough therapies reach patients
  • Excited to tackle ground-floor challenges and work with seasoned scientists and proven entrepreneurs

The Scientist will be performing immunophenotyping with human and animal specimens. Responsibilities include the design, development, execution and validation of cytometry assays; data acquisition, analysis and documentation of results. The Scientist will participate in the development of new procedures and tests in the laboratory located in Salt Lake City, UT. This position will report to the VP of Laboratory Operations. 

Job Description

  • You’ll be asked to:
    • Independently plan and execute cytometry assays
    • Process specimens from diverse tissue origins [i.e. tumor], and use flow- and mass- cytometry instruments to provide data on target cellular level, cell phenotype, cellular signaling and downstream functional response.  The result of these initiatives will enable project milestones and influence portfolio decisions for our customers. 
    • Drive technology innovation, review literature, evaluate new methodologies and instrumentation.  All of these initiatives will help advance single-cell analysis. 
    • Critically analyze experimental data and communicate results across teams with diverse scientific and technical backgrounds 
    • Adhere to scientific rigor and standards including electronic record keeping, data peer-review, quality control and reporting. 
    • Present complex data internally at team meetings and externally at scientific venues and conferences.
    • Able to work swing shifts during periods of high demand (including afternoon to evening shifts) 

Education and Experience

  • No degree required, but Proficiency usually demonstrated by getting a PhD in immunology, or related discipline.
  • However, if you don’t have an advanced degree, your resume should demonstrate a mastery of concepts OR research experience in Immunology, Immuno-oncology, or a related field in an academic or biopharmaceutical setting 
  • Experience with multi-color flow cytometry is required; experience in spectral flow-cytometry or CyTOF is preferred 
  • Experience with protein biochemistry techniques is required 
  • Proficiency in Biosafety Level (BSL) 2 cell culture techniques. 
  • Demonstrated track record of independent research and scientific productivity, such as first-author publications in peer review journals. 
  • Be a self-starter, able to handle multiple projects concurrently 
  • Experience working well with teams, adapting to rapidly changing customer needs, and delivering quality work on time

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