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BIOS Community

Operations Engineer 3, Omics and Analytical Chemistry

Ginkgo Bioworks

Ginkgo Bioworks

Boston, MA, USA
Posted on Wednesday, May 24, 2023
Our mission is to make biology easier to engineer. Ginkgo is constructing, editing, and redesigning the living world in order to answer the globe’s growing challenges in health, energy, food, materials, and more. Our bioengineers make use of an in-house automated foundry for designing and building new organisms. Today, our foundry is developing over 40 different organisms to make different products across multiple industries.
Core to our organism engineering pipeline is the testing and analysis of our engineered strains. We leverage diverse analytical tools to get a detailed picture of the performance of these strains. Our analytical approaches are designed to work across dozens of different cultured ingredients and scale 100-1000x via software and automation. We’re seeking highly skilled, aspiring analytical chemists to join our testing team, where you will help to operate, improve and scale our chromatography based strain analysis pipelines.


  • Position will develop and execute methods on a handful of analytical instruments and across techniques plan work to meet weekly objectives
  • Plan work to meet weekly objectives and define and execute experiments for process improvement
  • Assist senior staff in development of new processes or services
  • Operate the in-house Liquid/Gas chromatography methods for quantitative and qualitative analysis of target analytes
  • Engage in troubleshooting and maintenance of instrumentation when data is out of spec or instruments fail; participate in the implementation of quality controls to our assays to ensure low CV and high reproducibility
  • Utilize in house LIMS and data capture pipelines to efficiently deliver high quality data within expected turnaround times and quality specs
  • Utilize our fleet of Hamilton liquid handling robotics to execute on high throughput analytical sample prep; and, work with other members of the analytical chemistry team to drive standardization, quality processes and documentation towards improving our analytical infrastructure.

Minimum Qualifications

  • Bachelor’s degree (or foreign equivalent) in Chemistry, Pharmacology, Pharmaceutics, or a related analytical chemistry or chemistry engineering field plus four (4) years of post-baccalaureate work experience in the job offered or in an Operations Engineer 3, Omics and Analytical Chemistry-related occupation.
  • Demonstrable experience with method development and method validation
  • Demonstrable experience with instrument operation, maintenance, troubleshooting, and deductive reasoning
  • Demonstrable experience in analytical chemistry utilizing liquid or gas chromatography to deliver quantitative results
  • Demonstrable knowledge of rudimentary analytical statistics: standard deviations, coefficients of variance, and regression analysis
  • Demonstrable experience working with automated and/or high throughput liquid handlers (LC autosamplers, Hamilton, or automated work cells)
  • Demonstrable experience implementing quality controls in wet lab processes
  • Demonstrable experience working within a cross functional environment
Please reference Job number 21153.103 in your application.
To learn more about Ginkgo, visit or check out some curated press below:
We also feel that it’s important to point out the obvious here – there’s a serious lack of diversity in our industry, and that needs to change. Our goal is to help drive that change. Ginkgo is deeply committed to diversity, equity, and inclusion in all of its practices, especially when it comes to growing our team. Our culture promotes inclusion and embraces how rewarding it is to work with people from all walks of life.
We’re developing a powerful biological engineering platform, so we must remain mindful of the many ways our technology can – and will – impact people around the world. We care about how our platform is used, and having a diverse team to build it gives us the best chance that it’s something we’ll be proud of as it continues to grow. Therefore, it’s critical that we incorporate the diverse voices and visions of all those who play a role in the future of biology.
It is the policy of Ginkgo Bioworks to provide equal employment opportunities to all employees and employment applicants.